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Steve Jobs and the Mac team, photographed by Norman Seeff


I really like these photos of Steve Jobs and the early Mac gang, taken by Norman Seeff. You may have seen one of them on the front cover of Time magazine, not to mention on the back cover of Jobs's recent biography. It's great how these photos show just how young and carefree Jobs and company once were, hacking away on computers that they then sold directly to other young and carefree computer users. The people in these photos aren't corporate billionaires or marketing geniuses just yet -- they're just having fun making cool stuff.

But at the same time, I do see a little glint in Steve's eye, a realization that by posing with his computer on his lap in front of a fireplace with a beer next to him, he's got the opportunity to be "different" from everyone else out there. These were taken after Bill Gates's hilarious photos, and you get the sense that Jobs already knows history is watching. Great photos for sure.

Thanks, Elizabeth!

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