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Tactical Espionage Announcement: Kojima working on Metal Gear Solid 5


Though this may not be a surprise worthy of even a single exclamation point, it's welcome news to fans of cardboard camouflage, fateful fistfights, and delicious, convenient Calorie Mates.

There's going to be a Metal Gear Solid 5. And, despite his constant efforts to extricate himself from the series, Hideo Kojima is going to be in charge of it -- though it's currently unclear whether that will be in a higher-level production capacity or as director.

The news comes out of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine UK, which finds a place for Hideo right on the cover. In the issue, Kojima discusses Metal Gear Solid Rising, his plans for this newly announced (but highly expected) sequel, and a new project called "Project Ogre." Whatever it is, we're sure it's not a new Snatcher game.

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