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Torchlight 2 officially delayed, Runic prez suggests other games to play


Torchlight 2 has been officially delayed from this year until some point in the near future. Runic Games president Travis Baldree made the announcement today on the game's site, noting that the amount of development time the studio needs is "relatively small," but that it still wants to perform a small beta test before launch to ensure everything runs smoothly.

"We feel pretty safe in saying that if you enjoyed Torchlight at all, this sequel is superior in every respect," Baldree wrote. "Right now our job is to ensure that the quality level is consistent all the way to the end."

And then, as a brilliant distraction to stop us from crying, Baldree reminded us of the glut of goodness out there at the moment.

"Besides, you're all playing Skyrim right now anyway, aren't you? Or Battlefield 3? Or Uncharted 3? Or Saints Row 3? Or Arkham City? Or Skyward Sword? Or Minecraft? Or Modern Warfare 3? Or Dark Souls? Or Assassin's Creed Revelations?"

You're right, Travis! No rush. It'll take us until this time next year to make our way through everything you just mentioned anyway.

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