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Vimessa: Video voice mail for iPhone and iPad


With the holidays coming up, it's a time to get together -- physically or virtually -- with friends and relatives. On those situations where you can't travel to be with your loved ones, wouldn't it be nice if you can send them a quick, free video message? That's the thought behind Vimessa, a free video messaging app from Serious Fox Corp.

If you send a video message to someone who doesn't currently have the app, they'll get a text message with a link to your video. The messages are secure, and the only people who can send Vimessages are people who have your phone number.

The developers say that they think of this as "video voicemail" for the iOS platform, and they plan on launching versions for other platforms soon. The app is free, although the company plans to also roll out special services with in-app purchases.

As the developer notes, Vimessa gives you the immediacy of text messages with the emotion of face-to-face discussions. The messages can be viewed on your timeline, so you don't need to "answer" a video call. It's an interesting concept, and one that would be a wonderful addition to Apple's FaceTime.

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