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World of Warcraft is doing quite well in China, thank you very much


Earlier this month we heard the news that World of Warcraft's subscriber base took yet another substantial hit, although Blizzard was quick to say that most of these losses were coming from eastern countries like China. It's odd then that we've just received word that World of Warcraft is on the rise in China following an extremely profitable third quarter.

NetEase, which operates World of Warcraft in the region, announced that its Q3 earnings were actually up over the same time last year. Both revenues and profits for WoW in China are on the upswing, marking a 39.8% increase year-over-year. NetEase said that it pulled in $308.3 million in revenues, out of which $128.2 million is pure profit.

Subscriber hit or no, WoW continues to be a major force in the Asian market, and with numbers like these it's hard to imagine it going away any time soon.

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