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WoW Moviewatch: Alliance Recruitment PSA


With Illidan and Arthas both defeated for the foreseeable future, the Alliance is finding that the warmonger Hellscream has stirred the Horde to violence. At least, that's how the story to this Alliance recruitment video goes. Your opinion may vary.

I'd like to say this video stirs Alliance pride, but I think it ends up feeling more like a parody of those old World War II recruitment ads. That's probably part of the point, though. It was interesting seeing the old Alliance armor and PvP gear making a comeback. All in all, this public service announcement is a lot of fun to watch.

Ultimately, I was pretty excited to see an Alliance-themed video. For better or for worse, most machinima definitely has a strong Horde bent. Seeing Varian's team get a little love was nice.

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