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Droid RAZR, iPhone 4S side by side comparison video


For those of us in the US, it seems like the flashy ads for the Motorola Droid RAZR seem to have taken over the airwaves in the last few weeks. While none of us at TUAW have succumbed to the advertising (nor is it likely that we would), the folks at PhoneArena did -- and made an almost 11-minute video comparing a Droid RAZR and iPhone 4S side-by-side in everything from thickness (the Droid RAZR is thinner) to user interface.

It's a very fair comparison, with the iPhone 4S taking the lead in many areas. The reviewer comments about the premium feel of the iPhone's glass shell as opposed to the woven Kevlar back on the RAZR which "feels like lino" (linoleum). The Droid RAZR is larger -- and more difficult to hold -- with a bigger display, but also weighs less than the iPhone 4S.

Not surprisingly, Siri is one of the features that is touted as a bonus for iPhone 4S owners, while the 4G LTE network support of the Droid RAZR on the Verizon network is a huge bonus. Enough of me; take 11 minutes out of your day and watch the video. It's well worth the time.

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