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Final Fantasy XIV action revisions are up for preview

Eliot Lefebvre

Patch 1.20 is bringing major changes to the way that characters in Final Fantasy XIV equip and learn actions and traits. The announcement of the general changes was made some time ago, but it was made with no hard data on what players could expect. Now, however, players have been given a full list of what to expect from the revised actions, including the various ability combo chains and some of the abilities gained via the upcoming Job system.

While the preview does not include the traits that each class will learn, it does give a clear picture of the breadth of abilities each class can acquire. Each tanking class gains a variety of new ways to increase enmity, and each of the classes will have several exclusive abilities that help it maintain a unique identity. Players looking forward to the revisions should run down the full list -- there's a great deal to digest for when the patch goes live.

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