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Retrevo Study: Shoppers seek tablets on Black Friday


The latest consumer study from Retrevo has tablet computers sitting atop the list of items people will seek out on Black Friday, with the iPad at the top. The Kindle Fire is also a target, as are HDTVs, laptops, the iPhone and other smartphones. We've already seen that the iPad is supposed to be a hot item this year, and this study indicates that demand will jump up as soon as Black Friday right away, so if you're planning on getting one, sooner is probably better.

And if you're still looking for a gift, an iPad wouldn't be a bad choice either -- Retrevo says it's the item most wanted outright this season. Women are more likely, according to the study, to be looking for a digital camera and an iPad, while male gift receivers are hoping for a Kindle Fire and/or an HDTV.

Retrevo also says that we'll probably see lots of buying the day after Thanksgiving, but not really in stores. Fewer people overall are expecting to head out to stores than say they did last year, but more people are saying they're planning to buy online than last year. I think part of that is just what people plan to do versus what they say they'll do (I know I've been convinced by friends to go out shopping, even when I don't actually plan to), but we'll have to see.

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