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Snipers and biters: War of the Immortals opens up on Rangers and pets


Who doesn't like playing a Ranger, really? Deadly at a distance, this fantasy version of military snipers gives players the immense satisfaction of dealing pain in large quantities before one's enemy can even close the gap to fight back.

War of the Immortals, which is currently in closed beta, has a deep, abiding love for Rangers and their long-distance love. Did you know that Rangers get to ride sonic tigers to work every day? Makes your Prius look like a brick now, doesn't it? Rangers do sound sweet, and if you want a better look at them, you can watch the class spotlight trailer after the jump.

Perfect World Entertainment is not only dishing out the love for Rangers but also the game's pet system. This system is perhaps a step beyond the typical attack dogs we see in other MMOs. For instance, you can not only teach your pets skills, but with the right souls ripped out of monsters, you can upgrade them and even combine them to create a completely new animal. If your pet's stats are really terrific, you can "fuse" yourself to that pet to gain a stat bonus at the expense of losing that particular beast for combat use (don't worry, you can have an additional pet to serve in that role).

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