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Attention 20-something adultolescents: Power Rangers Online is a thing

Jordan Mallory

The amount of nostalgic, nigh-shameful glee we have for the Power Rangers series could fill several extended volumes, fully annotated with diagrams and bibliographies and everything. We're even into the obscure pre-Saiban Power Rangers from the 70's, like Battle Fever J (natch) and Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

We ain't no spring flowers, though, and as the steady march of time takes us ever closer to our graves, so too do the Power Rangers march forward into a new century. Part of that march, it turns out, takes the Mystic Force rangers straight through MMO town: South Korean golfing MMO developer Ntreev Soft is in the process of beta testing Power Rangers Online, a side-scrolling beat-em-up MMO staring our favorite teenagers with attitude.

Much like the SNES Power Rangers games of yore, players start out as normal teens at the beginning of the stage, mightily morphin' into Rangers halfway through each level. Only the Red, Pink and Yellow Mystic Rangers are playable at the moment, however the Mystic Force continuity has at least 7 rangers total to pull from, should more characters be added.

We didn't even have to look that last part up, which should probably worry us beyond all measure. Oh well!

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