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Former Myspace CEO Owen Van Natta now former Zynga executive

Jordan Mallory

Owen Van Natta has resigned from his position as an Executive Vice President of Business Operations at casual/social gaming megalith Zynga, according to a regulatory filing released Thursday. While Natta maintains his position on the company's board of directors, his involvement in the developer's daily operations has ceased.

Natta served as Facebook's Chief Revenue Officer until joining Myspace in 2009, where his tenure as CEO lasted until being scooped up by Zynga in August of 2010. Natta takes 2.1 million shares of Zynga stock with him, leaving behind 4.6 million of his original 6.8 million shares which had not fully vested to maturity. Despite delaying its IPO earlier this year, Zynga is still expected to go public before long, and depending on how that goes Natta's shares could either extend his resignation indefinitely, or amount to a whole lot of his last name.

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