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Japanese hardware sales, November 7 - 13: SOPA edition

Jordan Mallory

We like to poke fun around here, but the Stop Online Piracy Act is actually pretty serious business. As creative people ourselves, we're all for protecting intellectual property rights and for ensuring that those who make things for a living are able to live off what they make. What we're not okay with is the asinine notion that removing everything associated with ocean-based mercenaries from the Internet will somehow stop people from stealing software and movies. It makes zero sense.

... Oh, pirates. Like, in a figurative sense. Look, just because we're an integrally vital part of the Internet doesn't mean we understand how it works or any of the words people use on it.

3DS: 103,962 [DOWN] 41,309 (28.44%)
PSP: 23,472 [DOWN] 4,480 (16.03%)
PS3: 22,919 [DOWN] 4,047 (15.01%)
Wii: 11,782 [UP] 57 (0.49%)
DSi LL: 1,751 [DOWN] 290 (14.21%)
Xbox 360: 1,531 [DOWN] 168 (9.89%)
PS2: 1,294 [DOWN] 163 (11.19%)
DSi: 909 [DOWN] 148 (14.00%)
DS Lite: 20 [DOWN] 13 (39.39%)

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