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Murder, She Wrote the game apparently did OK, sequel in 2012


It's all right, you can admit it now. Your favorite game of 2010 wasn't Red Dead Redemption. No, don't cry in shame -- you're not alone. Apparently Murder, She Wrote was a good game. Yes, really. They're even making a sequel. Right, now stop hugging us. Please, this is getting creepy. You still have a pretty strange taste in games; it just turns out you're not (forever) alone.

Murder, She Wrote 2 will be available for download and in retail form in early 2012, Legacy Interactive announced. It also announced that the original Murder, She Wrote was a "best selling game," which, with the omission of a hyphen between "best" and "selling," negates the compound modifier and makes that statement completely defensible in grammar court. Someone, somewhere -- probably a person at Legacy Interactive HQ -- believes Murder, She Wrote was the "best" game that was also sold in 2010. We assume.

Murder, She Wrote 2 will feature more than 80 puzzles, three original cases and at least six hours of gameplay with crime-fiction writer Jessica Fletcher and her classic band of sleuths and sheriffs. Now seriously, stop hugging us, or we're calling the police. No, Mrs. Fletcher won't be one of them.

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