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Kojima on MGS5: 'We'll probably have to make it at some point'


Last week, we reported that an Official PlayStation Magazine article revealed concrete plans for Metal Gear Solid 5, with Hideo Kojima at the helm. New quotes have emerged from the magazine that make the news seem a bit less ... solid.

Rather than boldly announcing that MGS 5 is happening, Kojima told the magazine that "I think we'll probably have to make it at some point, but what that will be, we have no idea." And rather than taking on the director job right away Kojima is, as ever, trying to free himself from Metal Gear. "As far as my involvement in the project is concerned, [it] probably won't be as much as it was with MGS1 - maybe I can do just one stage!" he said. Kojima told OPM that if he has other Kojima Productions staff make a game from the start, he won't have to step in to preserve his vision.

So the announcement no longer specifies a definite Metal Gear Solid 5, and no longer confirms Kojima directing it. We'll just have to go back to assuming both of those things.

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