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WoW Moviewatch: Epic Eats: Booze Clues


It might seem a little late in the year for Brewfest videos, but this week is Thanksgiving. Having family descend on your home is the only event of the year that rivals Brewfest in making you reach for a stress-relieving brew. So in my opinion, Bullworth's timing is just great.

Epic Eats: Booze Clues provides dozens of jokes in a steady, chill format. Most of my favorite gags come toward the end, but I loved the wolpertinger the moment it came on screen. Usually, that echoing voice effect is reserved for Arthas or death knights. Having that voice effect come from a cute little wolpertinger seemed deliciously ironic to me.

This video is fun, and it's worth the time to check it out. Don't forget to leave a comment on YouTube, an important step toward letting creators know what you think of their work.
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