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Beyond Good & Evil 2 concept art spied in presentation, leaked footage authenticated

Early footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2 leaked out of Ubisoft's porous, Parisian vaults over two years ago, in May of 2009. That was roughly one year after the much-anticipated sequel was announced ... and promptly forgotten again. And now, some three-and-a-half years after that announcement, we've got the first official look at the game and, what do ya know, it's the very same footage from 2009!

During an on-stage presentation at the Montpellier in Game 2011 conference, series creator Michel Ancel discussed the setting for the game, showed some concept art (conveniently screengrabbed at NeoGAF) and at the end, shared the same footage that you saw forever ago, in internet years. At this rate, we'd think the proposed Xbox 720 / PS4 debut would be an aggressive timetable. What's 360 times three?

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