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    Daily Mac App: Starred


    If you're a Gmail user who leverages more than the simple mail potential of Google's email service, you'll know how valuable labels, stars and other organizational features are.

    Trouble is, to take advantage of them you normally have to resort to using the Gmail web app in its various guises, or an app like Sparrow Mail. Starring emails and threads is particularly useful if you don't have time to process the information there and then, but don't want the email to get lost in the sea of your incoming email. A simple little menu bar application, Starred, makes using stars in Gmail even more useful.

    The tiny little app sits in your menu bar as a star with a counter. The counter tells you how many starred emails you have currently in your account. Clicking on the icon spits out a drop-down menu that gives you the subjects and senders, as well as the first line of the starred emails.

    Click on the snippets and you're presented with a plain text pop-up of the email, allowing you to read and deal with the emails without having to open up your email client or the Gmail web app. The only thing that it's currently missing is the ability to remove stars directly from the app -- for now you have to head into the Gmail web app to do that.

    Starred is a nice and simple, free app that should fit into your workflow nicely if you're a hardcore Gmail user and don't already use something like Sparrow Mail or Mailplane on your Mac. If you star things for later, give Starred a whirl.

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