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Google's Street View hits the slopes again, stops for hot cocoa in Squaw Valley and Whistler (video)


Were you worried that Google's Street View snowmobile was put out to pasture after 2010's Winter Olympics? Relax you worrywart, as Mountain View's resurrected the snow-trottin' beast, only to unleash it upon the slopes of an additional four alpine locales. Joining existing (and updated) imagery from Vancouver's Whistler resort, 2011's additions stayed stateside, testing out the snow in Squaw Valley, Breckenridge, Deer Valley and Crystal Mountain. Yet, while the additional footage is welcome, we can't help but notice it's of vastly lower quality than that taken from last year. From exploring Swiss railroads to documenting the Amazonian river, apparently not much is off limits for street view. Which begs the question, how long until it jury-rigs a lunar rover into giving us a tour of the moon?

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