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League of Legends Season Two underway now


Riot Games has kicked off Season Two of League of Legends, bringing the promised updates to the extremely popular free-to-play title. The new update means that all players have had their masteries reset, the new Summoner Spell changes are in and running, and the beta version of the game's "Spectator Mode" is now available on a limited basis.

The new update also introduces the game's Competitive Site, in which players can see their newly created ranked teams and standings, and follow along in the race for Season Two's $5 million prize. That's where players can rank up online, and then eventually be invited to live events around the world, culminating in the World Championship.

Good luck to all of you League of Legends players out there, and if you really are gunning for the top be sure to guarantee there's a Fizz on your team. That fish is totally overpowered in mid game right now.

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