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Master prop-maker Volpin builds Thrall's Doomhammer


Volpin Props master prop-maker Harrison Krix (aka Volpin) has painstakingly created an amazing replica of Thrall's signature weapon, the Doomhammer. Made with incredible accuracy and intricately crafted materials, Volpin's Doomhammer is a work of art. The wolf heads are made from handmade casts, and the wood used in the hilt and body of the hammer were shaped with a lathe. I can't stop looking at the hi-res pictures, looking for new little details that I missed.

If you'd like to see the "making of" shots as well as learn more about the replica Doomhammer, check out Volpin's site. His Flickr page also has some amazing shots of the Doomhammer.

Gallery: Volpin's amazing Doomhammer replica. | 6 Photos

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