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Tiny Invaders enlarged for iPad


Hogrocket, a new development studio comprised of ex-Bizarre Creations talent, put out its first game last month, Tiny Invaders. Up until now, the visual merits (on top of its merit merits) of the game have been available exclusively to the smaller-screened iOS devices, but that's changed.

Tiny Invaders' latest update adds iPad support, as well some social media integration and some different languages -- French, German and Italian. Not included: the satisfaction that comes from ruling all of mankind.

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Liverpool, England - November 17th 2011 - Independent game development studio Hogrocket are pleased to announce the iPad release of their first title, Tiny Invaders. This new update brings HD graphics and new social features to the game, as well as universal binary support for both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Existing customers will receive this update free of charge. Simply update your apps via iTunes or on your device, and you will receive the new features in the updated version.

As well as iPad support, the following new features are also included in the latest update:
● Multi-language support. Tiny Invaders is now available in the following languages: French, German, Italian and English.
● Native Twitter support. Post your best times directly to your Twitter account. Make sure you have a Twitter account set up on your device, and then click the trophy icon after finishing a level. iOS 5.0 required.
● Facebook integration. Post your best times directly to your Facebook wall. To do so, click the trophy icon after finishing a level.
● Performance optimisations. Tiny Invaders now runs even smoother and more efficiently, especially on older hardware and operating systems.

If you haven't joined the alien invasion yet, now is the perfect time! Download Tiny Invaders from the App Store now!

About Tiny Invaders:

Tiny Invaders is a brand new IP from the creative team at Hogrocket. In it, the player takes command of a crazy band of space germs sent from outer space to take over the world! Gamers can control the fun-loving aliens as they jump from host to host, secretly controlling the minds of people all across the nation. Can the tiny team achieve their ultimate target: the President of the United States?

About Hogrocket:

Hogrocket is an independent game developer established in March 2011, and based in North-West England. The founders are former senior members of the world renowned games studio Bizarre Creations. Hogrocket creates high-quality games on multiple platforms, and have recently shipped their first. You can track the studio's progress over the web at or follow them on Twitter @hogrocket.

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