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Uncharted 3 aiming tweaked in upcoming patch, in part due to dedicated fans


An upcoming patch for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will help assuage concerns with the game's aiming. Fans have complained that shooting in Uncharted 3 feels "off" compared to the previous game, and dev studio Naughty Dog isn't shrugging off criticisms.

"I posted on the Neogaf forum where people were going through it [shooting criticisms] in a very eloquent fashion, really explaining their gripes very clearly, and I said 'Well, is anyone local that can come in and explain it to us?'" community manager Arne Meyer told Giant Bomb. Apparently two fans took up the challenge (as well as two of their friends), and assisted both game director Justin Richmond and multiplayer programmer Travis McIntosh in tweaking the game's shooting "feel" via on-the-fly playtesting at Naughty Dog's Santa Monica-based HQ.

The result is an optional tweak for the shooting that will arrive, alongside other fixes, in a game update at an undetermined point in the future. Thanks, articulate fans!

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