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World of Tanks dishes up Tanksgiving and the Update 7.0 trailer


Trust us on this: Never before has the word "fjords" been issued with such goosebump-raising intensity. But such is the World of Tanks and its passionate love for geography and the many, many ways that it can be blown to smithereens. is pumping up the hype for Update 7.0 with a new trailer showing off the famous Fjords map, the new camouflage feature, and (of course) massive tank battles. Update 7.0 is currently in public testing for release in the near future.

This week also will see "Tanksgiving" coming to the game on November 24th. During Tanksgiving -- November 24th through the 28th -- select tanks will receive double credits during matches. promises even more to come with the event, but the studio is keeping its cards tight against its chest until the event arrives.

You can watch the Update 7.0 trailer after the jump!

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