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Report: Ridge Racer Vita includes only three courses and five cars


Japanese press sampling the PlayStation Vita Ridge Racer were surprised to find that the game itself is pretty sample-sized. The racer reportedly includes just three courses, Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs, and Southbay Docks, all of which come from previous games, and are playable in normal and reverse modes. The list of cars is also limited -- to five.

Of course, there will be DLC, but it's kind of surprising that it took two developers (Namco Bandai and Namco/Sony joint venture Cellius) to make a game with so little material, all of which had already been made.

On the upside, Famitsu reports that it looks great on the Vita's screen, and we think the "Planetary League" mode sounds neat. For Planetary League, Namco plans to send out daily team battle missions for multiplayer, playable over wi-fi, ad-hoc and asynchronously (using ghost data).

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