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Ask Massively: You know what day it is edition

Eliot Lefebvre

Because of the way Thanksgiving works in the USA, Ask Massively always falls on the holiday. Last year's approach was closer to my usual one, but you know what? This year, I'm just going for the straight dope. We all know what day it is, we all know what holiday we're celebrating, and in all likelihood we're all so stuffed with turkey that we don't want to think about anything other than slowly sloughing to the bathroom. So let's not kid ourselves.

At any rate, the important part isn't the paragraph I devote to ridiculous nonsense; the important part is the questions. And they're just past the cut -- questions about video personalities, loneliness, and last week's forbidden screenshot. If you've got a question you'd like to see answered in a future installment, leave it in the comments or send a letter to Questions may be edited slightly for clarity and/or brevity.

Utakata asked about our call for new personalities: Um...not sure why you guys are outsourcing this. Don't you have 15 writers to choose from already?

Fourteen, actually. But your point is well taken.

The problem here is that every one of us was hired for our ability to write, not our ability to be erudite and charming on camera, and several of our team members who don't regularly show up on the stream schedule have reasons that prevent them. For example, I very rarely have the time for the extra setup that's required of livestreaming, plus most of the games I actually play are probably not something people would want to see streamed. Rubi has children to deal with in the evenings and doesn't like other people watching her play. Matt is actually a collection of sentient lawn gnomes who cannot be captured on film. Bree can't get out a sentence without a curse word. You get the idea.

I do like the idea that someone pitched in the comments of allowing me to demoralize the contestants as a Dadaist Simon Cowell, though.
Utakata also asked: I think City of Heroes in many ways is a great game. But I have a problem -- I am alone there. So does [...] Massively have a presence there? If so, where, and can I join?
Unfortunately, at this time Massively does not have an official presence or supergroup in the game. This is, I admit, mostly my fault -- I do not have anywhere near the time necessary to properly handle such a group, and seeing as how a steady moderating hand is required to ensure that things don't go off the rails, I've kind of steered clear.

That being said, a lot of readers do play the game. A Mild-Mannered Reporter is a good place to find 'em.
DevilSei asked: Naw, that forbidden screenshot must be from the tight-lipped My Little Pony MMO in the works, right Eliot?
I said that I wouldn't answer questions about the forbidden screenshot, and I won't.

I will say, however, that I would totally play a My Little Pony MMO.
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