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Massively's big fat Black Friday roundup: 2011 edition

Jef Reahard

So apparently there's this thing called Black Friday. This is news to me because shopping isn't really my thing, see, especially if it involves looking for parking spaces, Christmas music, or entering a retail establishment of any sort (regardless of season). OK, I do occasionally make allowances for the grocery store.

Anyway, when it comes to holiday consumerism, fortunately there's this place called the intarwebs, where savvy merchants have taken to selling all manner of whatever and delivering it directly to your front door with the bare minimum of fuss. I hear there are even a few deals and steals for the budget-conscious MMO fiend in this land of digital plenty, and you should head past the break for links to a few of the more noteworthy sales.


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Delivers Black Friday Deals
Gazillion Entertainment announced today the release of Marvel Super Hero Squad Online prepaid Game Cards in major retailers nationwide. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online's prepaid Game Cards are available for only $15, and can be redeemed in game for Gold and other rewards! Stores include Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Safeway.
GamesCampus busts the door open on Black Friday
Starting November 25th, players can take advantage of outrageous deals and epic upgrades in their favorite games including Shot-Online, Scarlet Legacy, 9 Dragons, Heroes in the Sky and Asda 2. Exciting "Door Buster" deals from 12 am to 1am on Black Friday and exclusive offers will be available the entire Thanksgiving weekend.
Star Trek Online offering C-Store Black Friday discounts
This Thanksgiving, enjoy a 20% discount on all C-Store Items until 10:00am PDT November 28th, before all the big changes come to the C-Store in early December. (Exeter and Puyjaq ships excluded from sale.)
City of Heroes' Paragon Market celebrates Black Friday
Get ready for the Special Black Friday Sale, when Buffs & boosters, account services, enhancements, and more will be available at a lower price during this post-Thanksgiving holiday sale!
WAR's Thanksgiving Bonus Weekend
In honor of the celebration of Thanksgiving here in the United States as well as Dreamhack in Sweden, we have some holiday bonuses for this weekend. The following bonuses will be up until Monday, November 28th: •50% XP •50% RP Enjoy the extras, have a great (holiday) weekend everyone and see you on the battlefields!
Fallen Earth's Thanksgiving in the Wasteland
If you are more in the mood for celebration and gifts, our Thanksgiving-only Turkey Piñata offers you the chance to win the exclusive and unreleased-until-now Chopper, along with a slew of other prizes. Bust open the Turkey Piñata as many times as you like (1 Piñata per purchase, no purchase limit) and keep winning!
LotRO Thanksgiving weekend sale
Quest packs, legacies, mount speed boosts and a whole lot more are on sale this weekend in the LotRO store.
LotRO's Fall Festival Returns
The Fall Festival will be returning across all servers as a part of our weekend festivities. We're going to be putting up an announcement on everything that's happening this weekend shortly!
Refer a Friend and Earn Double Bonus Points in LotRO
You invite your non-LotRO playing friends to join LotRO by handing them your unique referral code. If they join the game, you get 10% of any Turbine Points they purchase. Not just for a month or two but forever. Free Turbine Points for getting your friend to play!
Dragon Nest Dungeon Dive
Black Friday and dungeon delving are all about getting great stuff. The Dragon Nest Dungeon Dive event lets you do both! Can you complete enough dungeons to unlock all the Black Friday deals?
RIFT is on sale
Grab RIFT on the cheap and treat yourself or a friend to hours of high fantasy-flavored action and adventure.
Runes of Magic celebrates Thanksgiving
Another glorious Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and the time has come to feast! This year's Turkey Day brings with it some amazing deals on the most famed mounts and equipment-upgrading items.
EQII double XP and Black Friday sale
We know you'll probably be stuffing your face with Turkey over the next few days, so why not also stuff your experience bars? That's right - we're having a Double XP weekend!
Champions Online C-Store sale
Take a full 50% off your favorite C-Store items and 20% off most Premium Archetypes until Monday, 11/28 at 10 AM PST.
Vanguard double XP
Greetings Heroes! There will be a bonus applied to all experience this holiday week. This means Crafting, Adventuring, and Diplomacy. The bonus experience starts at 7:15 a.m. PST on Wednesday, November 23rd and will end at 7:15 a.m. PST on Saturday November 26th.
NewEgg's Black Friday hardware promotions
Whether you're looking for premade systems or the parts to build your own custom gaming rig, NewEgg's got you covered.
TigerDirect's Holiday Super Sale
TigerDirect also carries a ton of parts, premades, and accessories for all your PC gaming needs.

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