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Helsinki care center imports bots to battle Alzheimer's, lead sing-alongs (video)


In what we can only assume is part of their community service, after running amok and devouring all that medicine, robots are now visiting our old people in hospitals, leading them in sing-alongs and helping them battle Alzheimer's -- instead of terrorizing them. The Kustaankartano Elderly Centre in Helsinki has brought in a pair of bots designed by the Korean Institute of Science and Technology to entertain patients and lead them though exercise routines. Of course, without legs or proper arms, their usefulness as fitness instructors is severely limited, and watching them lip sync Bohemian Rhapsody is more creepy than amusing. So, yeah, while robots may have a place in helping care for our elderly, we're pretty sure these two don't have a future in the industry. They'll be moving along just as soon as their court-ordered service is complete. Check out the video after the break.

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