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IK Multimedia's VocaLive comes to the iPad


Earlier this year, IK Multimedia introduced the iRig Mic and VocaLive app for the iPhone. Our very own Steve Sande did a review of the iRig Mic, which you can check out here. The app is good, but it's not universal which is a big drawback for folks who have an iPhone and an iPad. Of course, you could use the VocaLive app on your iPad, but it was simply the iPhone version of the app enlarged 2X.

This month, IK Multimedia has brought VocaLive to the iPad.The new app is custom built to fit the tablet's larger screen, and has some extra features, too. Vocalive for iPad can be expanded to 8 recordable tracks and adds a fourth effect slot. Two of these four effect slots can be used for vocal effects compared to a single slot on the iPhone version.

If you love singing, karaoke, doing voice overs or just hearing your voice warped through crazy effects, then check out VocaLive and the accompanying iRig Mic. VocaLive is free on the iOS App Store with extra effects available via in-app purchase. There's also a full version which includes all the effects available for $19.99.

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