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Rumor: Microsoft in 'early stages of licensing' with Sony for Kinect TV


Microsoft has embraced hacker culture for Kinect, and it now sees the vast possibilities offered by a machine that requires people to just twitch or shout for it to function. Microsoft is now planning to integrate Kinect into next-generation televisions, The Daily reports (citing anonymous "sources familiar with the subject"), completely destroying the all-American pastime of searching for the remote. But that's not the most shocking part -- The Daily says Microsoft may be in "early stages of licensing" its Kinect tech to Vizio and Sony, whose Electronics branch produces high-def hardware.

Sony Electronics, in charge of Sony TVs, is a separate entity from Sony Computer Entertainment, which handles its video-game business, but this potential partnership seems awkward at best, and ludicrous at best-er. We won't believe it until a tangible product materializes, but until then, we're going to imagine the ridiculous company parties that could result from this rumored venture.

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