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Runes of Magic now featuring new raid content, Tergothen Bay zone

Jef Reahard

Thanksgiving presents aren't really a tradition as of yet, but Frogster nonetheless gave its Runes of Magic faithful a gift in the form of the game's 4.0.5 content patch. The update is called Souls of the Past, and it brings a bit of new endgame stuff to the free-to-play fantasy MMO.

First up is a new raid dungeon called the Tomb of the Seven Heroes, and it will challenge groups of 12 players with seven formidable boss battles. Frogster has also raised the level cap to 70 and is also offering up a entirely new content zone called Tergothen Bay. Here the players will find themselves taking part in the ongoing struggles between the region's ruling families, and the new content "paves the way to Chapter 5, which we are all very much looking forward to," says Runes of Magic producer Mandy Blumenthal.

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