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Peter Molydeux is not Peter Molyneux, and other revelations


For all its rainbow-trail-cat-in-space silliness, the internet isn't always kind to parody. Take Peter Molydeux, for example. Did you know that he is not, in fact, Peter Molyneux? Did you just read that sentence again?

The amusing (and slightly tragic) video above spells it out: The silly, creative and often insufferable ideas conjured by our favorite parody tweeter are not being made at Lionhead Studios. With the account suspended, we can only lash out at the effects of careless skimming, insulating legal disclaimers and, perhaps, concepts that were a bit too close to the real deal.

The most devastating news of all? CasCore, the bowling / survival-horror hybrid that had masterpiece -- or 9.5 -- written all over it, will never escape from its prototype phase. Where will we put the children's dreams, if not in bowling balls? (If you watch the video closely, you might just glimpse an answer.)

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