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Droid 4 official pics and RAZR-with-keyboard confirming specs leak out


QWERTY-loving fans of the Droid series probably won't have to feel left out of the LTE party for much longer, as Droid-Life has uncovered some official-looking pictures and even a comparison chart of the upcoming Droid 4 and the rest of the line. The specs reveal it shares almost everything with the Droid RAZR, with the exceptions being a slightly smaller 4-inch qHD screen, ditching the Kevlar backing, and tossing in the aforementioned 5-row "edge-lit" keyboard. Hit the source link to view a more pics and the chart, which explains how we've gone from the Droid 2 last year, to the Droid 3 just a few months ago, to the Droid 4 / RAZR combo attack Motorola and Verizon could be unleashing as soon as December 8th, assuming the rumors hold true.

Update: That keyboard too small for you? No worries, additional leaks reveal the Droid 4 will play nice with Motorola's Lapdock 100, Lapdock 500 Pro and a wireless keyboard packing a trackpad. Hit the second source link below for a peek at the slab's compatible accessories.

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