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DUST 514 community manager CCP Shadow steps down


In February of last year, Massively writer James Egan joined developer CCP Games as a community representative for EVE Online under the name CCP Shadow. He went on to become the community manager for upcoming MMOFPS DUST 514 and an integral part of CCP's customer relations department. In a lengthy post on EVE's off-topic forum, James let everyone know today that he will be leaving CCP at the end of this month. His replacement as DUST 514 community manager has already been picked from the existing team, and James will be taking a much-needed break before deciding whether to return to writing or take a new career direction.

In the forum thread, James remembers the good times he's had over the years thanks to the EVE Online community, both as a writer for Massively and as a community representative for CCP. While he wasn't part of the recent 20% staff layoffs, he relates that many of his friends were. While James will no longer be present under the name CCP Shadow, he will still be playing EVE Online on his normal character with the goal of killing everyone in sight. Everyone here at Massively would like him the best of luck in whatever career he decides to pursue.

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