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A Siri hack to start your car


Today's edition of "1,001 amazing things you can do with Siri" comes courtesy of our sister blog TechCrunch. In a post this morning, TechCruncher Chris Velazco tells the story of hacker Brandon Fiquett, who has figured out a way to use Siri to control a Viper SmartStart system and start up his Acura TL.

Remember the story about "@plamoni's" Siri proxy server that allowed him to control a thermostat with Siri? Brandon used the same proxy server, then whipped up a delicious plugin to interact with a PHP script running on his own web server. The script can send commands to any registered car with a Viper SmartStart system. The nice thing? You can leave the clunky blue Viper control dongle at home.

Not only can Brandon start his Acura, but he has the system set to lock and unlock doors, pop the trunk, and enable or disable the security system. If you have a Viper SmartStart system or have plans on buying one this Cyber Monday, Brandon has made his Siri proxy plugin and the PHP script available on GitHub.

Check out the video below to see the system in action, or visit Brandon's site to see more cool demos.

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