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Vehicles to play a large role in DUST 514 battles

Jef Reahard

The PlayStation blog has been updated with a new blurb on DUST 514, and vehicle freaks will be happy to note that we now have a better understanding of how rolling armor works in CCP's EVE-based MMO shooter.

CCP says that vehicles "play a large role" on DUST's battlefields, with heavy armor units delivering long-range concussive attacks "while lighter units emphasize speed and flexibility." Vehicles are also highly configurable, and players will be given a choice of armaments drawn directly from EVE Online's weapon classes.

Finally, the new blog entry gives us a glimpse of various vehicle aesthetics, and long-time New Eden fans will be pleased to note that the selection has a familiar factional feel (though duty compels us to complain about the lack of a Minmatar entry).

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