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Infinity Blade 2 and The Sims FreePlay get previews


It's likely going to be another banner week of releases on the App Store, headlined by the long awaited sequel, Infinity Blade 2. Chair Entertainment has released a developer diary, which you can watch below, and holy swords of power, Batman, this game looks good. As we've heard before, the game is much bigger, offers all-new styles of gameplay (dual wielding can apparently let you duck lower, to replace the absence of your shield), and has more enemies, weapons, and content. It'll be great, and it's out Wednesday.

Elsewhere in upcoming iOS releases, EA has announced that it's turning The Sims into a free-to-play title for iOS, with time-based elements similar to games like We Rule and Battle Nations. The Sims FreePlay will use The Sims as a backbone, so you'll still be running a simulation of life in The Sims' world, but there will also be things to do such as baking or gardening that will take time and earn XP, and the game will be monetized with in-app purchases that will likely speed up or add to gameplay. It should be interesting. EA's freemium take on The Sims is due out next month sometime.

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