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Nokia N9 user previews PR1.2 update, full of camera and imaging refinements

Zachary Lutz

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Many N9 users are still waiting to receive the PR1.1 update from Nokia, which officially began rolling out last week, but one lucky individual is already dabbling with what's next from Espoo. After viewing the handful of screenshots, it's obvious that PR1.2 will provide a number of enhancements for photo enthusiasts. For instance, the camera application sports a refined interface with all flash options visible at once. There's also facial recognition in the gallery, along with support for color profiles in the display options. Additionally, users can now manage apps from the application menu, and keen-eyed observers will likely notice the re-styled buttons. We've also been told to expect changes to the N9's default font, Nokia Pure Text, which we can only assume will make its arrival with PR1.2. Take a peek after the break to satiate your typeface urges.

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