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Phone Arts shows off original works created only with iOS


This is one of the more interesting art projects revolving around Apple's touch devices -- Phone Arts is a series of works that highlights pieces made specifically with the iPhone or the iPod touch. We've seen art made with iOS apps and devices before, but this is a little different. Rather than using the phone to create some version of an oil painting or a sketch, these pieces strike me as art that you can look at and know right away that it could only have been created on the iPhone's screen.

The picture above is one example of how this is done, using the Notes app on iPad and some symbolic text, but all of the works in the iPhone Arts gallery looks like they were created with a digital surface. As the page says, these pieces "explore the boundaries of the phone to create graphic illustrations and designs." Really interesting. I'd love to see more experimentation like this.

[via Today and Tomorrow]

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