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Report: Japan makes up just 1% of worldwide Kinect hardware sales


Microsoft has sold approximately 114K units of its hands-free motion peripheral, the Kinect, during the last 12 months in Japan. And the bulk of those sales were within the first few months surrounding its launch in November 2010, then dwindling to the low thousands as early as February 2011.

That's according to a report from this month's Famitsu Xbox magazine, which also outs Kinect Adventures as the top selling game for Kinect at 114K units sold, assuredly assisted to the top spot with placement in hardware bundles. Microsoft has yet to release a statement on the one-year sales numbers, but has remained steadfast in its commitment to the Japanese market -- despite the country's aversion to Microsoft and its products.

Comparatively speaking, Microsoft said it had sold 10 million Kinect units worldwide as of March this year, and this report puts around 94,000 in Japan as of March, making Japanese sales just under a single percentage point of worldwide sales. Eight months later, and Japan comprises just barely above one percentage point of that same 10 million sales number.

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