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Resident Evil 6 listed in voice actor's résumé


Here's your first sign that production has actually started on a Resident Evil 6 -- besides, you know, all those Capcom producers saying it's going to be a long, long wait. Voice actor Joe Cappelletti (whose voice you might not know but have probably heard anyway) lists the unannounced game as one of his recent voice credits, as you can see on the page with the distracting background above.

Cappelletti also has Combat Wings listed as a Capcom title, however, and there is currently no game that Capcom makes with that name. There is a Combat Wings: Battle of Britain by City Interactive, but nothing Capcom has announced. Maybe Cappelletti is just confused -- he also lists Steel Battalion on there, but presumably that is the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor title coming to Kinect. Not that he wouldn't know what he worked on, but clearly he's been busy.

At any rate, if Resident Evil 6 production is underway, that's good to know -- hopefully we've got one or two of the eight years it's expected to take out of the way already.

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