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Get Where's my Water free from Apple's Facebook page


Apple is apparently giving yet another popular game away using its Facebook page -- this time, it's Disney's Where's my Water up for grabs. To grab your free copy of the great water-guiding physics puzzler, just head over to Apple's App Store Facebook page, become a fan, and you'll get a free promo code to download the game on an iOS device of your choice. It's a great title (put together, as we've previously reported, by a former game tester at the House of Mouse), and obviously much better at the low price of completely free.

This is still such a weird promotion, though -- Apple has traditionally not had the best relationship with Facebook, but they have given away apps using Facebook before. Cupertino has a perfectly good Twitter account that could also be used to give away free games, but the Facebook freebies appear to use a slightly different method than posting promo codes. Don't forget Apple also has the Ping social network that could probably use a little traffic (and, you know, already happens to be connected up in iTunes).

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