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Bethesda teaching dragons to fly correctly in Skyrim's next patch


So, about Bethesda's latest Skyrim patch. There were, you see, some issues. Issues, like, say, dragons that flew backwards (hilarious!), and the game no longer recognizing some folks' active magic powers (significantly less hilarious!). Thankfully, Bethesda is all over it. The publisher today announced on its blog that a patch ... for the 1.2 patch that caused these issues in the first place, will arrive on PC first at some point next week, with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 flavors to follow "later in the week."

Bethesda specifically calls out the aforementioned issues, and ambiguously adds that "other things" will get patched (no word on the VOIP issue for PS3 users, unfortunately). Patch notes will further detail the update when it arrives next week, apparently. The publisher also promises to continue updating the game in the coming months, with PC getting updates first "as that's a process we control." As always, the console patches need to go through certification with Microsoft and Sony before ending up on your box at home.

Additionally, PC users will be getting even more love in the coming months, with a promised January release of the game's dev kit (read: mod tools), as well as Steam Workshop integration, which should make finding said mods easier. No word is given yet on upcoming context expansions for the game, but, well, we've still got so much left of Skyrim that we're not really complaining.

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