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Daily iPad App: Weather Live


We've reviewed plenty of weather apps for the iPad on TUAW. Matter of fact I think the high number of weather apps we've reviewed is due to the fact that we're still looking for the perfect iPad weather app. Weather Live isn't that app. It's good, just not the holy grail. First the good.

I like Weather Live because it does have beautiful backgrounds (see gallery below) and makes it easy to navigate between cities (just swipe right or left). The app also offers five different layouts and generous display settings. You can of course choose between Fahrenheit/Celsius and miles/kilometers. Like most weather apps for iPad, Weather Live offers a clock, which you can display 12-hour or 24-hour time with or without seconds as well as local or regional times.

The app's brightness control is unique. Instead of a slider, you can just drag your finger up or down the screen to adjust the brightness. This is useful if you disable the iPad's auto-lock feature through the app, which lets you use it as a clock on the nightstand. You can see the current time and weather as soon as you get up. Another nice feature puts current temperature as a badge on the icon on your homescreen.

Unfortunately, Weather Live suffers from several UI problems that plague other weather apps. Yeah, animated backgrounds are nice, but sometimes the images don't contrast with the text enough so that it's hard to read the forecast. Also, the black and white icons representing weather conditions look too similar, and it's hard to tell them apart when looking at the week view.

I'm still looking for an iPad weather app that closely mimics Apple's Weather app on the iPhone: clean design, not a lot of eye candy, easy to get the forecast at a glance. If you're like me and want the same thing out of a weather app for the iPad, Weather Live is not for you (but then again, no iPad weather app is yet). However, if you do like weather apps that are more beautiful than bare-bones-informational, Weather Live is a great choice. It's only US$0.99 and is a universal app, so it works on both the iPad and iPhone. But for me, my search for the perfect iPad weather app continues.

Gallery: Weather Live | 5 Photos

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