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'Little risk of failure': Analysts predict SWTOR will turn a healthy profit


Worried that Bobby Kotick has the right of things and that Star Wars: The Old Republic won't make bank for Electronic Arts? Market analyst Michael Pachter disagrees, saying that he not only predicts that EA will cover the costs of SWTOR's development, but come out just fine even with LucasArts taking its share.

Pachter says that LucasArts will claim 35% of SWTOR's revenue: "The revenue split is around 35 percent to LucasArts after EA earns back their investment. That means EA keeps most of the revenue from disc sales (they have marketing expenses and need to staff up the server farms), so they should earn a nice profit there. Keep in mind that EA expensed the development cost when incurred, so much of the disc sales revenue will be profit."

Pachter's predictions for the title are sizable yet reasonable; he thinks that SWTOR will get 1.5 million subscribers. This translates to $270 million per year in revenue, $80 million of which will be pure profit for EA after LucasArts and operating costs take their share. Even if SWTOR only draws in -- or sustains -- merely 500,000 subscribers, Pachter says the game will be sitting pretty.

Other market analysts, such as EEDAR VP Jesse Divnich, support the notion of SWTOR's profitability. "Based upon user commentary and consumer surveys, the profit potential for The Old Republic is high. We see little risk of failure for The Old Republic," Divnich stated.

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