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Obsidian heading on up to South Park for PS3/Xbox 360 RPG [update: PC too!]


Yes, beyond the XBLA-exclusive South Park: Tenorman's Revenge game on the horizon, it appears that another South Park title is in development. Fallout: New Vegas dev Obsidian is apparently working with publisher THQ to craft "South Park: The Game," an RPG set in the world of South Park. We're already imagining Cheesy Poofs buffs and plundering the depths of Casa Bonita's mysterious caverns.

According to Game Informer, who has the exclusive cover debut of the title, South Park will arrive some time in 2012. As per usual with these cover reveals, you'll find out much more in next month's issue of GI, which hits subscribers in the coming week.

Update: According to a press release from THQ, the game is also expected on PC, and should arrive in the "second half of 2012."

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