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Star Trek Online hits warp factor Season 5 today


Hey Trekkers -- got your phasers charged to full? Have you stocked up on Romulan ale and plenty of Klingon qagh? Done all your homework by watching every Star Trek season ever made, including those weird 1970s animated episodes? Then you might, might just be ready for Star Trek Online's Season 5, which is going live today.

Season 5 contains a cargo hold full of features and changes, starting with organizing what subscribers (now "Gold members") get as part of their service. The update also includes a duty officer system, an improved space skills system, a revamped tutorial, a currency consolidation, and several other events and activities.

In honor of the launch, the team has put subscriptions on sale and is even offering $100 off the price of a lifetime sub.

You can read up on all of Season 5's details in the release notes as Cryptic's space baby takes one more step toward its free-to-play conversion.

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