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Star Wars Galaxies updates players on the end

Eliot Lefebvre

December 15th. That's not the end of the world -- it's the end of multiple worlds because it's the day that Star Wars Galaxies will have its last hurrah followed by silence. But there are still a couple of weeks left, and considering that one of the game's big pushes has been the Galactic Civil War, we think it's only fair for the ending of the game's service to be accompanied by the ending of the war with a decisive victory.

On December 14th, at 9:00 p.m. PST (midnight EST), the Civil War scoreboards will close, with a final winner declared overall. This will be accompanied by server restarts, followed by a number of optional battles and skirmishes in the 15th. So spend the next two weeks getting ready for the last push to grab all the marbles because when the shutdown comes on December 15th, the war will be over... for good.

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