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WoW Moviewatch: Orc vs Wild: Northrend


If nothing else, Wowcrendor is certainly prolific. He clearly takes his machinima seriously and keeps himself on a rigorous, disciplined production schedule. This is the second movie from Wowcrendor this week. And while we run the risk of turning the column into Wowcrendorwatch instead, we do love seeing what Wowcrendor is doing.

In Orc vs Wild: Northrend, Boar Thrills encounters the challenging terrain in Northrend. Using the natural terrain, fauna, and condors of the land, Boar continues onward throughout the frozen land. Wowcrendor uses this video to poke fun at Bear Grylls and all the tropes and memes about the survival lifestyle. It's an amusing video, though it does help to be familiar with the genre.

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