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EA-BioWare acquires KlickNation, rebrands it BioWare Social

Jef Reahard

All the cool kids are into social gaming these days, so it should come as no surprise when some of the bigger gaming firms start testing the waters. BioWare looks to be next on that list according to a report at that details Electronic Arts' acquisition of KlickNation.

KlickNation operates social games including SuperHero City and Six Gun Galaxy, and while the company's monthly active user base has declined from 1.3 million to 400,000, EA and BioWare see it as a growth opportunity. KlickNation's expertise in building innovative and compelling RPGs for social platforms makes them a seamless tuck-in with the BioWare team at EA," says Ray Muzyka.

The new unit has been renamed BioWare Social, and thus far the company has not announced any concrete plans relating to new or existing titles.

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